Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely

Salt Lake Tribune Why is there a social stigma associated with being single? “Dave” called the radio show the day before Thanksgiving to share the painful memories of his post-divorce, nine-year stretch of loneliness prior to his current marriage. “Holidays remind you that you’re single. I hated every one of them — those were the […]

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When your ex moves on

Salt Lake Tribune Why is it so painful when an ex marries? The breakup was your idea. You even used the old “It’s not you, it’s me,” speech. Both of you have moved on, right? Then why is it so painful when you discover that your ex is getting married? When my ex-boyfriend Dave went […]

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Should you forgive or forget a spouse’s affair?

Salt Lake Tribune Your spouse had an affair: forgive, or forget it? There seems to be a myth in the minds of today’s married couples: the myth of monogamy. The people who are the most vulnerable? Those who say, “That’ll never happen to us!” The truth is, we’re all vulnerable. How could “it” happen in […]

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