Marriage Counseling


Marriage counseling has been my passion for over 28 years! Research-based interventions have changed the face of marital therapy. (You’re inquiring at the perfect time!) I have trained extensively with Dr.’s John & Julie Gottman, world-renowned for their thousands of research therapy hours with couples spanning over forty years.

Another scientifically–based therapy I’ve studied in-depth is Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. The longing for attachment is wired in all of us. Our two greatest fears? Fear of intimacy and fear of abandonment. Come and learn about the dance that the two of you stumble over again and again, and learn a new way of being that satisfies and soothes. You won’t believe the difference it will make in your connection.


NOW is a really good time to be married! We know more today than ever before about what makes marriage work…(without it being work!)

Come and learn about your numerous strengths and opportunities for growth, both individually and as a couple, as I introduce you to some of the best relationship measures in the field.

It will be an honor to help you learn how to maintain a strong friendship bond, affair-proof your marriage, manage conflict, and created shared meaning and dreams. These skills will bless your union for a lifetime!

Divorce & Discernment

Are you feeling ambivalent about your marriage? Are you wondering if you should stay or you should go? Deciding whether or not to stay married or get divorced is one of the most agonizing decisions most people will ever have to make.

Perhaps you are on opposite sides of the fence; one of you is leaning out of the marriage and one of you is leaning in. If so, our focus won’t be marriage therapy just yet. The goal of Dr. Bill Doherty’s Discernment Therapy is to first help you thoroughly assess and evaluate your relationship and then take action in whichever direction you choose.

If you are unhappy and stuck going in circles trying to decide what to do with your marriage, Discernment Therapy will help provide us clarity about where you are in your marriage and confidence about moving forward with whatever decision you make.


Family counseling can help you achieve a sense of shared meaning and belonging. As family members learn to talk and listen to each other, new in-roads of love and connection are formed and ties are recreated and reinforced. While we don’t choose our family members we can choose the type of relationships we have with them.