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The Art and Act of Saying No

Ã? KSL TVââ?¬â??Studio 5 It is the most effective time-saving strategy in the world, yet many of us, especially women, have a difficult time doing it: Saying “No!” Does that two-letter word ever get stuck in the back of your throat when yet another overwhelming obligation is requested of you? If your mind yells “No!” while […]

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How to Be a Better Listener

KSL TVââ?¬â??Studio 5 Have you ever had a conversation with a friend and, as you’re talking, you sense that she’s stopped listening because her eyes seemed to glaze over? Or, perhaps the “glaze” is a bit more obvious, as she glances at her watch, over your shoulder, or around the room. It’s hard to deepen […]

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How to Fight Fairly with your Spouse

KSL TV Studio 5 Before we tackle the month of “Love and Romance,” which is just around the corner, we thought we’d first address a very important but less-than-romantic issue in marriage: how to fight fair amidst the face of disagreements and grievances. It seems that no matter how many pluses you have going for you […]

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