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Be sure you've watched the video first before reading below.

This is a tough situation that discernment counseling might be helpful with. We can help you clarify what has to change if you are to stay in the marriage, and we can help you make that clear to your spouse in a non-antagonistic way. We can also help you figure out what you would need to change in yourself in a healthier marriage in the future. ?

Here we get a little murky. If you are really low on hope, Discernment Counseling is by far the best approach to gain clarity and confidence on what got you to this point and the work both of you have to do individually if there were to be any real momentum for your marriage. If you have hope, motivation and energy for a serious round of couples therapy, belief that things could improve, and you're willing to look at your role in the dysfunction that is going, on you may do okay going right to couples therapy.

Overall, if you've taken this quiz and are demoralized, Discernment Counseling is the next best step. Keep in mind it's a short-term therapy so please, don't let location hinder you seeking this help. I am available for folks who chose couples therapy after.