What are the ramifications of using a sperm donor?

Salt Lake Tribune

Most single women would find his online profile appealing: 6 feet 2 inches tall, blond, blue-eyed, genetic-and-disease-free, high IQ, charming personality, psychologically sound. His name? 48QAH.

In place of a current mug is his childhood photograph, causing smitten women to fast forward and fantasize about what it would be like to even have his baby; one who might inherit his cute dimples and olive-toned skin that wouldn’t burn as easily in the sun as theirs does.

With so many women choosing 48QAH, how does he even begin to decide who he likes in return?

Well, he doesn’t have to; he can please them all if he has enough vials to go around. The only thing these women ask of 48QAH is to hand over the sperm! At $100 or more a pop, it’s not a bad business for a starving medical student.

Surf the Net. Find what you like. Buy it with a credit card and have it shipped overnight. You can shop this way for clothes, furniture . . . and human sperm.

For sperm seekers, the prices range from $150 to $600 per valuable vessel, plus shipping and handling. Customers pay extra for a donor’s baby picture or recorded voice. The price is also higher for donors with doctorates.

The number of women who actively choose single motherhood is on the rise. What could possibly be the problem with short-circuiting tradition for the perfect baby-making business? Technology is allowing us to take matters of creation into our own hands. There will be exorbitant costs for our selfish “I won’t be denied a baby just because I can’t find Mr. Right” pursuits. We are only beginning to redefine the meaning of sexuality, reproduction and the family foundation. We’ll soon need only a few good men: Those who are young, tall, smart and virile!

I am at least impressed with all the information single moms by choice agonize over in determining their babies’ sperm donors. If only all singles would be so deeply thoughtful in their thorough investigation of the person they actually do marry.

Instead of making a baby for one’s own selfish pleasure, why not adopt a special-needs child who needs a loving, devoted parent and leave procreation to our omnipotent creator?

What do you think are the ramifications of having a child using a sperm donor?