The Utah Marriage Commission:

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Marriage is about the best public institution we have going for ourselves. Marriage is associated with a range of economic, health, educational and safety benefits that help all levels of government serve the common good.

Divorce in Utah costs local and state tax payers approximately $276 million dollars every year. These exorbitant divorce costs include child care enforcement, food stamps, Medicaid, and costs to the justice systemââ?¬Â¦and this doesn’t include costs to individual families, such as attorney and relocation expenses; not to mention the emotional costs to each family member. Am I saying we should never divorce? Of course not. That would be socially irresponsibleââ?¬Â¦but wouldn’t it be great if it became the rare exception.

The majority of couples need skills not psychotherapy. There are key marriage principles and information available to us on how to make a marriage grow and thrive. The website is a tremendous resource and great beginning.

It’s never too early and it’s often not too late to learn how to create a healthy marriage. Marriage is far too important and valuable to settle for mediocrity. We no longer need to hope for the best when it comes to marriage: we can learn how to choose well and stay well in marriage.