What A Man Wants

We’d Rather Feel Unloved than Disrespected
We want to be respected publicly and privately by our wives. We thrive when our wives trust, admire and believe in us. (Men would rather sense the loss of loving feelings from their wives than disrespect. That’s HUGE!)

Our Anger is Often a Response to Feeling Disrespected
We may not say it directly but if we’re upset it’s often because we’ve been stung by something our wife has done that we feel is disrespectful or humiliating. (The worst possible scenario? When a man feels he is being spoken down to in front of family or friends. OUCH!)

We Fear Not Cutting it in Life
When our wives are on our side, we’re confident across the board: at home, work, as husbands and as fathers. We need affirmation and we need it from “her.” We don’t need flattery; just validation that we’re good, capable, and respected. (I hear a theme hereââ?¬Â¦)

We Feel Responsible as Main Provider Regardless of Wife’s Occupation
We’ve been hard-wired over centuries that it’s up to us as men to provide for our families. We feel stressed by others’ expectations and the emotional burden is tremendous. The best thing a wife can do is show appreciation, encouragement and support. (Men need cheerleaders; not coaches!)

We Deeply Love Our Wives
We love the companionship, kindness, laughter, nurturing, cooking, and cuddling. We just aren’t very good at telling you about our feelings. (So, let’s notice where men do express their feelings; and it’s usually in actions!)